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This research is the result of observation of several years. Viniyoga and Yoga Therapy were used as methods. Class main teacher, speech therapist and music teacher were involved and gave their feedback. Also children themselves and parents were actively involved. Research was conducted in Estonia. The author is Katri Kaldaru. Research is presented in English. All the names of the children have been changed. At this moment (2021) the students are doing even better and I have been positively surprised by them many times. All of them have moved on with their lives. The connection has been lost with one student who went to another school. Here the research has been presented in shortened version.

"The Healing Effects of Yoga on the Holistic Health of Children with Learning Difficulties and Special Needs"(2018).

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Sama tamm seest ja väljast. Läänemaa 2019. Fotod K. Kaldaru.